Turn Writing into a Business

Welcome Readers to Wendy Writes!

For everyone’s benefit, I pledge to keep my blog posts short and informative.

I will address the topics of writing, the business side of freelancing, lessons learned, resources, and the creative process.

This week’s topic: How a website can help turn your writing into a freelance business.

Here are the quick and clean tips for getting your concept off the ground with a website:

  1. Establish your identity. Find a domain name that matches. Purchase it.
  2. Give yourself a tagline; a motto, a slogan that encompasses who you are and what you bring to this world.
  3. Design a logo or hire someone to do it for you. Create a wordmark, and a combination of the two. Create a business card design. Create jpegs and PDFs in various sizes and obtain raw files of your logo(s). Make them web-ready and print-ready.
  4. Gather high-quality imagery and photographs that encompass your business’ vision. Keep them in a folder as this will soon become a growing identity portfolio.
  5. Build a website using the simple and readily available modern tools; WordPress or Squarespace. Choose a simple and stylish theme. Place your imagery in unexpected places. Apply all the meta tags and required processes to make your site verified, certified and running smoothly. If you need help developing your website, call me.
  6. Pour your capabilities, virtues and gifts into an outline.
  7. Next, write your content.
  8. Place a value – in dollar amount – for your time and abilities. If writing as a business is a new venture for you, then no doubt you have probably worked many hours for free up until now and have done unpaid jobs for friends and family. It’s time to turn a profit.
  9. Identify your potential clients – If you are an experienced writer, you know who they are. If you are new to the business, take some time to consider this aspect before launching.
  10. Don’t be afraid to brand yourself. Most people don’t enjoy faceless organizations.
  11. Before launching send your site’s link to at least five people who can check all the moving parts, find the holes, and offer gentle feedback and suggestions. This is called quality assurance and it is a very important step.
  12. Link your social media accounts or set up new ones which promote your new business.

If you build and nurture it, they will come. 








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